Moderation and Process Development

Moderation is a communication enhancing tool for team work, for process management, for work in groups as well as for leading and structuring discussions. Moderation warrants that participants' resources are applied optimally and that a joint discussion and learning processs is enabled. Furthermore, moderation is a technique of shaping and presenting and aims to facilitate creative and productive output.


Group coaching is a context where persons who work in various areas independent of each other come together to reflect their individual thinking and behavioural patterns. Owing to the sharing of various perspectives and experiences on behalf of the individual group members, knowledge transfer and even synergies for future endeavours transpire.

Project Monitoring and Team Coaching

Internal project monitoring allows for the participants of a project to reflect the efficience and efficacy of the progression of the project; jointly the project progression is evaluated, measures to improve or even correct the course of the project are discussed and are then documented as recommendations.


In team coaching, a team's work capability is looked at, communication and motivation are supported, team culture is enhanced, team cohesion is strengthened in order to consolidate the team's goals and its self-organisation.

Personell Coaching

Coaching means supporting persons in challenging professional and private situations and supporting them in making the best of their resources and skills. Coaching is a professional and customized approach, aiming to empower you to deal with your life successfully.

As a coach I am the expert for the process and for how to proceed. Together with you, on equal footing, I provide a supportive environment within which you are able to activate or reactivate your resources, where you are invited to gain various perspectives of your concerns and where I will assist you with developing sound and sustainable solutions.

Developing Mission Statements and Project Development

A mission statement informs and presents the aspiration and self-image of a given organisation or region. It provides the aims and objectives in the form of a concise vision as well as hinting at how these aims will be implemented. A mission statement or guiding principle will bring all participants together under one common focus and is the basis for the identifying principle or Corporate Identity of an organisation or region. It provides the frame for concrete measures, activities and projects.

Project development occurs in several stages: identifying a project, setting objectives, drafting a project and implementing it. Owing to continual monitoring throughout the implementation phase, objectives and the project itself can be adapted according to needs.

Counseling in the Context of Politics

Being political active requires the willingness to change something. This in turn demands clarity, understanding, strength of will as well as sound decision-making.

  • Personal counseling and support for a fixed term during challenging professional situations
  • Personal coaching for politicians in decision-making situations
  • Input as an expert on developments in South-Eastern Europe


Mediation is a structured process for out-of-court, peaceful settling of conflict between two or more persons. Mediation shapes the space in which conflicting parties with the help of professional guiding can reach mutually gratifying solutions even in difficult disputes.


In this process of conflict management I, as an unbiased professional, assist the opposing parties to enter a constructive exchange, to listen to each other, to clarify what has happened and to understand the motives, as well as to jointly find solutions that are acceptable for and appreciative of all participants.

  • Mediation with groups and teams
  • Mediation in organsiations and businesses
  • Mediation in intercultural and international contexts
  • Mediation between conflicting parties