Mag.a Doris Pollet-Kammerlander

Born on February 8th 1949 in Vienna, nationality: Austria

1967: School leaving examination (Matura) at the High School (AHS) Billrothstraße/Vienna
1967 – 1973: Study of sociology at the University Vienna, Master degree 1973
1970 – 1972: Deputy President of the Student’s Union at the University Vienna
1972 – 1974: Trainee in the Secretariat of the Business Promotion and Development Institute (Wirtschaftsförderungsinstitut/WIFI)
1974 – 1982: Expert for architecture research, urban planning and regional development
1976 – 1978: Study of sociology (participation processes) at the University Gießen (Konrad Adenauer scholarship)
1980 – 1981: Scientific work (project-development and coordination) at the Research Center Joanneum/Graz
1982 – 1983: Expert in research projects in architecture and housing
1983 – 1986: Member of the City Council Graz on behalf of the Green Party
1987 – 1990: Expert in projects and publications in urban and regional development
1990 – 1993: Managing Director of the regional network “Alpen Adria Alternativ” in Graz
1986 – 1992: Federal Spokesperson of the Main Committee of the Green Party in Austria
1992 – 1996: Managing Director of the Political Academy of the Green Party (Grüne Bildungswerkstatt)
1993 – 1999: Member of the Main Committee of the European Federation of Green Parties
1994 – 1999: Member of the Austrian Federal Parliament, Spokesperson of Foreign Policy of the Green Party, Member of the Parliamentary Assembly of OSCE
1999 – 2002: Deputy Head of the OSCE Office in Montenegro
Since 2003: Consultant for project development, assessment and monitoring, regional development and expert for political analyzes
2012: Certification as mediator
2013: Certification as coach

Languages: German (Mother tongue), English (Professional Fluency), Serbian (Limited Knowledge)

Projects, Studies and Publications

  • “Job Prospects of the Educational Science Graduates of the Klagenfurt University ”, study for the central committee of the Austrian. Students’ Union, not published, Vienna 1974
  • Program Coordinator and Research Assistant of the Styrian Academy 1974 according to the motto: Architecture and Culture of Housing, published as documentary brochure by architect's office Domenig/Huth, Graz 1974
  • “The University Organization Act”, an annotated edition and manual for Students’ Union’s officials, ordered by the Austrian Students’ Union, Vienna 1975
  •  “Participation in Housing”, architectural-research project, co-author together with the architects Domenig&Huth, published as a documentary brochure together with architect E.Huth, Graz 1976
  • Drafting several catalogs such as “Reconstruction of Old Buildings” ordered by the Center for Architecture in Graz,  “ Alternatives to Public Housing Projects”, on behalf the Central Union of Architects in Styria, Graz 1976/77
  • Co-author of the architectural-research project “Participation in Housing in Austria”, study on different examples of participation in housing on behalf the Federal Ministry of Housing,  Graz 1980 – 1981
  • “Sociological Aspects of Participation in Terraced Types of Housing Projects”, study for the Communal Research Center of Documentation, Vienna 1981 – 1982
  • Cultural Ecology – Ecological Culture”, lecture and publication in “Kunstforum -International”, Nr 93, February/March 1988
  • “An Open Access City”, published in “Startbahn”, Nr. 4/1989
  • Publications and documentations in the fields of: “Alpen Adria Alternativ”, documentation of the 1. International Congress, “Minorities in the Area of Alpen Adria”, “Central Europe – a Central Traffic Junction”, “Neighbors without Frontiers, Roma People in South-Eastern Europe”, “Peace after the War? The Future of Ex-Yugoslavia”, 1990 – 1992
  • Publications and documentations in the fields of: “Roots and Regions”, “One World”, “Working Environment- Living Environment”, “Sustainable Development”, “Europe”, “The Meaning of Work”, 1992 – 1996
  • Publishing brochure on the (social and economic) Status of the 21 Municipalities in Montenegro, 2001 on behalf OSCE
  • “Assessment of Governmental Structures and Policies in South East European Countries” on behalf the Stability Pact Task Force on Trafficking in Human Beings in 2003
  • Editor of the book “Reading Montenegro”, Wieser Verlag Klagenfurt 2003
  • “Supporting the Economic and Touristic Development in the Northern Region of Montenegro”, 2004 – 2006, conducted by the team of OEAR Regional Development on behalf ADA Vienna
  • “Integrated Regional Development Programme (IRDP) of Autonomous Province Vojvodina” and ToRs of “Strategic Partnership in Support of the Integrated Regional Development Plan of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina”, conducted by OEAR Regional Development on behalf ADA/ Austrian Development Agency; 2006
  • Editor of the magazine “Montenegro”, published by the Institute for the Danube and Central Europe and the Austrian official gazette “Wiener Zeitung”, April 2006
  • Feasibility study of the cable car to the Lovcen Mountain, implemented by OEAR-Regional Consultants Ltd. on behalf the government of Montenegro and Austrian Development Agency (ADA), 2007 - 2008
  • Project director of the bilateral development project “Sustainable regional and tourism development in the North of Montenegro” implemented by OEAR-Regional Consultants Ltd. and on behalf of Austrian development Agency (ADA), 2006 – 2009,
  • Assessment in regional development, and for project development  within the framework of  the EU Regional Socio-Economic Development Programme II (RSEDP2) in South Serbia on behalf the Centre for the Development of Jablanica and Pčinja District, 2010 – 2011,
  • As expert for monitoring and coaching in a Regional Development Program in North Albania (RDP) on behalf ÖAR /ADA, 2010-2014
  • Development of Mountain Tourism in Southern Serbia (Radan Mountain): Assessment and consulting in regional development, in particular regional and local mission statement, on behalf the Center for development of the Pcinja and Jablanica districts, 2011
  • Rural tourism development in the Jablanica & Pcinja district – facilitation of a development and capacity building process of regional development partners, employed by the Center for Regional development of the Pcinja and Jablanice Districts/South Serbia, 2012

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